BMBC Pool Dehumidification


Beulah Missionary Baptist Church



ESS provided a detailed field assessment, engineering evaluation and dehumidification system design upgrade for the Beulah Missionary Baptist Church Natatorium located within the church’s 69,000 square-foot Community Family Life Center in Decatur, Georgia. The purpose of the work was to resolve the root causes of widespread corrosion of interior miscellaneous metals and structures within the Natatorium and mechanical support areas and to address vulnerabilities for system reliability. The assessment also addressed measures for improving indoor air quality.


Following the evaluation phase, ESS prepared engineering calculations, sized and selected a new packaged outdoor dehumidification unit and redesigned ductwork to mitigate corrosion. Key factors in the design included increasing the ventilation rate to improve indoor air quality, controlling indoor humidity levels to reduce interior condensation on building envelope surfaces, and minimizing migration of corrosive gases from the Natatorium to adjacent rooms. ESS prepared drawings and specifications detailing the demolition and installation of the replacement dehumidification system and ancillary equipment.

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