Casey WRF PTU Improvements


Clayton County Water Authority



This project provided expansion and upgrade of the WB Casey Water Reclamation Facility in Jonesboro, GA.  Facilities that were constructed or improved included the Preliminary Treatment Unit, Screening Structure, and Odor Control Facilities.  The project resulted in the plant’s firm capacity being upgraded to 24 MGD.


ESS provided design, bid, and construction administration services for odor control and building mechanical systems.  Our work included extension of the existing 2-cell biofiltration odor control system to cover expansion of Preliminary Treatment and Screening Facilities. In addition, ESS provided new HVAC and plumbing systems for these facilities.


During the project’s construction phase, ESS provided a full-time resident inspector for construction of new or expanded facilities for Preliminary Treatment, Screenings, Primary Clarifiers and Splitter Boxes. Our inspector observed and reported construction progress, verified adherence to quality control procedures, attended construction meetings, reported construction deficiencies to engineering staff and provided photographic records of construction progress.

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