Hartsfield-Jackson Airport HVAC Systems Assessments


City of Atlanta Dept. of Aviation



Project Scope

The City of Atlanta Department of Aviation (DOA) engaged Engineered Systems & Services (ESS) as a specialty subconsultant to evaluate issues with inadequate maintenance and premature failure of mechanical equipment. The key objectives of this project were to identify, inspect, and assess the condition of the subject HVAC and DX equipment, provide a preventative maintenance plan for each location, identify needed repairs and estimate repair costs. Additional objectives include estimating remaining useful life for each system and recommending time frames for equipment replacement.  The results of this task assisted the DOA in creating a more accurate maintenance budget, a clearer horizon for system replacement and better projections for capital expenditures for input in the Capital Improvement Plan Repair and Replacement (CIP R&R) database.

Finally, information obtained will help the DOA establish standard HVAC system maintenance protocols and minimize the cost of ownership.


ESS evaluated twenty one (21) DOA-owned facilities for the Non-CPTC HVAC and DX Units Assessment. The scope of work included the following activities:

Assessment of packaged and split-system DX air conditioning equipment,  variable volume and powered induction terminal units, air handlers, unit heaters, fans, radiant heaters, motorized louvers, function of controls, etc.


Classification of the urgency of needed repairs and/or maintenance.


Estimation of remaining service life for each type equipment at each facility.


Recommendation of a timetable for equipment replacements.


Development of site-specific preventive maintenance plans.


A comprehensive report documented the findings, recommendations and financial analyses to assist DOA in their final decisions to allocate funds for system improvements.

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